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Fully-funded PhD position (3 years)

The research unit “Algorithms, Dynamics, and Information Flow in Networks” (ADYN) is inviting applications for a PhD or Postdoc position, starting as soon as possible. The research is going to be carried out at Goethe University Frankfurt under the supervision of Holger Dell in collaboration with other ADYN members.


The project has the title “Parameterized Complexity of Network Dynamics”, and is about dynamic processes on graphs, such as virus, or fake news, spreading through a social network. During the project, you will learn, develop and employ mathematically provable analysis techniques for such processes. The goals are to analyze dynamic processes based on structural parameters of the graphs, to determine the parameterized and fine-grained complexity of inference and influence problems for such processes, and to develop techniques to study dynamic processes on temporal graphs.

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Please compile your application and e-mail it to Your application should include as a single PDF file:

Please also include as separate PDF files:

The application deadline is June 16, 2023, at 2pm Frankfurt time. We hope that all interviews will be held via video call on June 22 between 10am and 5pm Frankfurt time. If the funding agency gives final approval, which is likely, then the position can start from July or later.

Other options

If you’re from abroad, you can apply for scholarships to join the TCS group: